Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two X-Rated Couple Clips, Dogy Style

Two very hot videos of couples going at it doggy style from Xtube. And as usual, all I ask in return is that you let me know how you touched yourself watching these clips.

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Who's Your Daddy

Possibly the sexiest music video ever made. Think you know a sexier one? Let me know.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth Of July Strip Tease


Oh sweet readers, so much has happened. I'm sorry I've not kept up my little blog here but I've had a nasty break up, many career changes and lots of soul searching.
I would like to believe that poly-amorous relationships can work, and maybe I will prove it but they are not without their challenges and truth be told at this point in my life I'd rather be swingle than be in a monogamous relationship. I maybe in a relationship again someday, I hope so but for now, this girls going to get some serious partying done. Mwah...

Super Sexy Video

And more cumming...

If you touch yourself while watching this, I do hope you'll tell us all about it in the comments section.
Love ya,

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sexy Links

There are so many sites pointing to sexy video clips on line, but little attention to quality. I would love for my standards to be as high as they are when I select videos to watch at home, but the choices are limited when it comes to free clips.

So, know that you can click on my links safely with no risk of seeing bestiality, kids or adults who look like kids, or rape/sexual violence.

Enjoy! And please if you know a source for finding such links do let me know.

Three Stars
A hot blond women dances, strips and touches herself.

Three and 1/2 Stars
A truly sexy women with light brown skin and small perky breasts enjoying a nice hard cock.

Four Stars, My highest rating.
An absolutely adorable blond posing and touching herself.

Three Stars
It would've been two and a half but I love the guy in a suit with just his cock sticking out.
An office blowjob

Enjoy, and I'll be back with more hot links soon. The more comments you leave, the sooner I'll be back. Everyone needs a little inspiration. Love,


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This will be a quick one, as I am due back at work in ten minutes.

Last night, I finsihed blogging and, thinking about Stacy, I started touching myself. I lay back on the bed, slid my hand under the waste band of my pajamas and into my panties. I thought about Stacy's soft skin against mine, here plump lips kissing my belly, my thighs and my pussy. I imagined her soft gentle bites on my swollen lips as I pushed them open and slid my finger over my clit, down the slick middle of my wet cunt and back.

That's when I heard the door open. "Brian must've gotten home early." I realized. I continued what I was doing, happy to give my lover the kind of show he never minded coming home to. He stood in the bedroom door in silence, and watched. Getting off of work early, this was probably exactly the kind of evening he'd hoped for.

Brian crawled onto the bed, and after meditating on the soften a woman's skin Brian's contrasting kiss felt lovely. He kissed me firm, biting at my lips, his hands running over my stomach and breasts, and my fantasy shifter immediately and I was loving having a man's touch, my man's touch. I was well on my way to coming.

"Fuck me, right now, fuck me." I demanded. My lover pulled his cock through his fly. He was in a suit, big meeting today, and as he slid my panties down my legs and lifted my shirt over my head, it was the contrasts again that drove me wild. I felt so naked against as his cock slid into me, his pants brushing against my thighs. I grabbed his tie and held him close as he fucked me hard and made me cum instantly. I came long and hard, and now I wanted to feel him cum. I turned on my stomach and invited him to slide into my pussy from behind. I pushed my ass up at him as his hand reached around and cupped my breast. I called out, "Oh fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me." and, since he came, hard. I take pride in knowing just how to get him off.

I turned on my side and Brian pushed up agains my ass and we fell asleep.

And for some reason, I've been in a great mood all day today.

Monday, August 21, 2006

This Weekend

Thinking about this weekend is the only thing getting me through a week of nonstop work. I'm going to get myself off every night before bed just fantasizing about the delights in store for me.

Brian and I are heading to Monterey we're we will stay in a gorgeous townhouse by the beach, and fuck each other every which way, and I do mean EVERY which way as another couple is joining us on Sunday to help us with them hard to reach spots. We're going dancing on Saturday and who knows what adventures we'll find there. The one guarantee is that this weekend I'll be making up for lost time and I will be sleeping like a log all day monday.

What am I looking forward to the most? Being with another woman. I'm going to send Brian and Todd off to go record shopping or something so I can be alone with Stacy for a few hours. It's been a while since I've had felt the soft lips and skin and lovely curves of another woman pressed against me.

Stacy is perfect for me too. She's about the same height as I am with short brown hair and amazing blue eyes. She has an athletic body with great hips, an amazing tummy, perfect round ass, and her breasts are just barely on the large size, perfectly round and firm. She has full lips, long legs, I could go on and on but it's bed time and I'm now hot enough to wear myself out with a little help from the fingers that will now stop typing this...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Amazingly Enough...

When you write that you like to suck cock, you get a-lot of interesting e-mails. Go figure.

In other news, here's the hottest response I've gotten to my survey (scroll down a few to find it). This came to me via myspace, from Jelly Roll:

"With my first long term lover. I learned early on in our relationship that her anus was a pleasure center for her. I soon became adept at inserting a finger in it from any sexual position. This always increased the moaning. After about a year of dating and months of suggesting trying anal sex she agreed.

We were in Vegas and after a day of gambling and drinking we were in our hotel room making love with her on top. She stopped in mid-act looked me in the eyes and said "Lets try it."

I knew exactly what she meant and said OK. After pulling me out of herself she started rubbing the head of my package on her anus while wiggling her hips (trying to find the best entry angle). I was afraid I would cum before entry so I told her to slow down. Once the head was in she slid down the shaft and laid on my chest panting. She asked me how it felt and I told her incredible. It seemed noticeably warmer and I told her the grip of her anus was delicious. She laid there and told me that wasnt anything and then clinched down a few times. My moans of pleasure made her smile. I could feel her inner thighs tremble as she laid on top of me. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes and that it was a different sort of pleasure from normal intercourse. After a few minutes of catching our breath she began slow short strokes on my shaft and at the bottom of the stroke she would grind her hips on me. I informed her that there was no way I could last long in this situation. She sat up on me began to grind on me as she clinched her rectum. Both of us moaned as I tried to hold back the orgasm. In sync with my orgasm she began to gush. I knew she was a squirter (that was one of things I loved about her) but this could only be described as a gush. It covered me and soaked the bed.

We laid there shuddering for about 10 minutes before going to the bathroom to clean up. Lucky for us there were two beds in the hotel room."

Thanks Mojo. I hope you guys tipped the maid.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Do women enjoy sucking cock?

A lover once asked me what I got out of sucking cock. Was it an altruistic act bestowed purely as affection, or was it something I did in hopes of getting some oral in return, or did it get me off?

Well, I don't have a g-spot in my throat like the heroine in a certain notorious porno, so it doesn't make me cum, but yes it does get me off. It's sexy as all hell to have my lovers cock in my mouth, to know how to treat that cock for maximum moaning. And I feel sexy being watched by my lover as well. I always make a show out of it.

I've actually masterbated with my fingers while puting my vibrator in my mouth. This is somthing I've only done in private but I bet any lover would get hot as hell by the site of it.

Swallowing is hot, not in the actuall swallowing, wich I could take or leave, but in feeling my lover's cock pulse and throb and spasm in my mouth. I love moving my tongue so slowly under the tip, just enough to keep him coming, being careful not to overdo it. Not swallowing is fine, but spitting is just gross. If I don't want to swallow I just use my lips and tongue to bring him to the edge and then I stroke with him my hand while kissing up and down the shaft or flicking my tongue over the head until he explodes.
And I'd say my absolute favorite threesome position is Brian in front of me, sucking his cock and our visiting friend fucking me from behind. The bulk of my attention goes to my sweet boyfriend and making him cum, and this makes me so much hotter and receptive to the fucking I'm recieving as I suck, lick, kiss, nibble and stroke.

So yeah, I do it becaue I like it, I do it because you like it, and sure, it doesn't hurt to feel like you might return the favor. You will, won't you?